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Company Prifile 公司简介



公司拥有齐全的机械加工生产设备和先进的生产工艺,拥有一支朝气蓬勃、敬业诚信、敢于开拓和创新的高素质专业队伍。 公司自创办以来,秉承“质量第一、顾客至上、诚信服务、持续发展”的服务宗旨,从方案规划、系统设计、原材料采购、生产制作、组织施工、客户培训、跟踪服务等每一个环节,公司的每一位员工均以对客户高度负责的态度,严谨实干,赢得了广大客户的信赖。


Guangzhou lihui Environmental Technology co.,Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise involved in science,produce,economy and trade.Our company starts
with science and technology as the leading industry,with researching professionally,producing,sellingall kinds of dust treatment,waste gas treatment and other environmental pollution control equipment,and water spray booth,paint coating equipment room,etc..as the staple industry. We undertake wiring equipment for the production of woodworking and balance board room systems engineering,and provide process planning-design-production-installation-maintenance training and after-sale tracking of full-service,which is famous in the world.

Our company is equipped with all types of mechani-cal processing and production facilities and advanced producing technique with a high-quality faculty featuring vigor,responsibility,honesty,exploring spirit and innovation.Ever since its founding,our company has been adhering to the principle of quality first,customers supreme,honest service and sustainable development.With regard to schemes and plans,system design,raw materi-als procurement,production and manufacturing,organization of construction,training on marketing and after-sale service,etc,all stuffs in the company who take high responsibilities for their clients do their jobs rigorously,making them deeply trusted by a large number of clients.